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Explore waterproof bags from Rains. The collection of bags delivers a range of silhouettes developed for lifestyle needs. From large travel silhouettes, gym bags, tech holders, daily backpacks, and crossbodies. All constructed from signature coated fabrics.

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Rains Hilo Weekend Bag Weekender 47 NavyRains Hilo Weekend Bag Weekender 47 Navy
Rains Rolltop Rucksack Backpacks 29 NightRains Rolltop Rucksack Backpacks 29 Night
Rains Backpack Mini Backpacks 12 FireRains Backpack Mini Backpacks 12 Fire

Backpack Mini

CHF 83

Rains Backpack Backpacks 10 StormRains Backpack Backpacks 10 Storm


CHF 98

Rains Hilo Weekend Bag Small Weekender 10 StormRains Hilo Weekend Bag Small Weekender 10 Storm
Rains MSN Bag Backpacks 13 GreyRains MSN Bag Backpacks 13 Grey


CHF 83

Rains Tote Bag Mini Tote 29 NightRains Tote Bag Mini Tote 29 Night

Tote Bag Mini

CHF 72

Rains Hilo Weekend Bag Large Weekender 01 BlackRains Hilo Weekend Bag Large Weekender 01 Black

Trail Gym Bag

CHF 98

Rains Texel Tote Backpack Backpacks 03 GreenRains Texel Tote Backpack Backpacks 03 Green
New style
Rains Book Daypack Backpacks 01 BlackRains Book Daypack Backpacks 01 Black

Book Daypack

CHF 113

Rains Texel Tech Bag Laptop bag 03 GreenRains Texel Tech Bag Laptop bag 03 Green

Texel Tech Bag

CHF 139

Book Backpack

CHF 113

Rains Texel Duffel Bag Duffel 99 Grey MixRains Texel Duffel Bag Duffel 99 Grey Mix
Rains Tote Bag Tote 24 SandRains Tote Bag Tote 24 Sand

Tote Bag

CHF 83

Rains Box Bag Crossbody 29 NightRains Box Bag Crossbody 29 Night

Box Bag

CHF 83

Rains Trail MSN Bag Backpacks 13 GreyRains Trail MSN Bag Backpacks 13 Grey

Trail MSN Bag

CHF 113

Rains Texel Cabin Bag Trolley 01 BlackRains Texel Cabin Bag Trolley 01 Black

Texel Cabin Bag

CHF 206

Rains Backpack Micro Backpacks 26 DuneRains Backpack Micro Backpacks 26 Dune
Rains Rolltop Rucksack Large Backpacks 01 BlackRains Rolltop Rucksack Large Backpacks 01 Black
New style
Rains Texel Kit Bag Weekender 03 GreenRains Texel Kit Bag Weekender 03 Green

Texel Kit Bag

CHF 113

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Backpacks made of waterproof fabrics for all occasions

One can never go wrong with a backpack as it is a functional option for wherever you may go. However, you can expect a lot more with RAINS backpacks beside practicality. In our big collection you will discover elegant styles that will go very well with a suit or a dress.

Discover our great variety of colors of the Backpack and MSN Bag. A true classic, that you will grab for again and again. Choose between deep and dark colors or bright options such as Yellow and Blush. Both options come in a mini version, for that even more compact and adorable look. By combining functionally and the Scandinavian uncompromising approach, we seek to revolutionize the concept of rainwear. Discover the extensive selection of RAINS water-resistant bags designed to serve any lifestyle. We have thoughtfully composed all bags in our collection and catered for every detail, so you always get the optimal experience.

Want to experience a nostalgic feeling? RAINS Base Bags and Field Bags will take you right back to your time in school. The silhouette is truly iconic and reminds you of studying and hanging out with friends in the school yard.

The perfect bag for a trip to your favorite destination

Going somewhere fun? Spice it up with a fun travel bag. The assortment consists of several bigger bags perfect for longer getaways. A favorite of ours is the Mountaineer Bag, which is true must have for an active vacation. Made with RAINS signature PU coating and a spacious interior, making sure you can fit all your belongings and keep them dry.

Fancy a bag that is not supposed to be worn as a backpack? Take a look at our Weekend Bag Large or Gym Bag. Both made with sturdy webbing handles and long cross body strap for the over-the-shoulder look. Great for trips where you do not have to carry the bag at all times.

Always pack too much? Do not miss the Duffel Bag Extra Large in which you are guaranteed to fit all the things you desire.

Small RAINS bags – High RAINS standards

Tired of carrying your necessities in your pockets? Enjoy our collection of stylish smaller bags that you can have with you when running everyday errands. Our Bum Bags and Box Bags are great to throw across the shoulder and come in a great variety of modern colors.

However, if you look for a bag to fit more than your essentials, the Market Bag or Roll Top Mini might be an even better bet. Here you can carry a bottle of water, your homemade lunch, and a sweater for the cooler evenings. And if you make any purchases on your way from the city, you will always have enough space and be sure to keep your things nice and dry.


Where can I buy a a weekend travel bag?
At Rains, we sell a wide variety of weekend bags perfect for travel, both short and longer trips. Take a look at our Weekend Bag Small, Weekend Bag and Weekend Bag Large.

What are weekend bags for?
Weekend bags are perfect for short and longer trips and vacations. They can fit all your clothes and belongings and at the same time, they are constructed from our waterproof fabric with a waterproof zipper.

What types of Rains bags are available?
We carry a lot of different bags, including backpacks, tote bags, weekend bags, helmet bags, wash bags, bum bags, crossbody bags, travel bags and much more.