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RAINS × Opening Ceremony

November 05, 2015

As a tribute to creativity and originality, RAINS and Opening Ceremony have joined forces in an exclusive collaboration, of which a small collection has been designed, based on the unique identities of both brands. Opening Ceremony was founded in 2002, as a single shop located at Howard St. in New York. Since then, the brand has acquired a unique position within the fashion segment, and to this day, continues their development through collaborations with permanent designers and other brands. The collaboration between RAINS and Opening Ceremony are based on a common wish to build a long-term relation, which is emphasized through the unique collection, including both jackets, bags, hats and pants. For the collection, RAINS has contributed with their minimalistic and classic design and unique fittings, whereas Opening Ceremony has added their unique and eye-catching red colour and embossed logo, which is consistent through the collection. 

The collection was available on and sold in the Opening Ceremony stores in NY, LA, London and Tokyo.  


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