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RAINS JOURNAL Issue Six : "Binsurfen"

October 06, 2015

Binsurfen means "gone surfing". The four guys behind the German blog are living their lives trying to fit surfing trips into every spare moment their work or studies offer. From one day trips to Denmark (600km oneway) to three weeks in Iceland, wherever they go it might be cold water and empty lineups.

Story: Felix Gänsicke
Photographer: Felix Gänsicke

Felix Gänsicke, Dan Petermann, Lucas Günther and Phil Biewald don't fear the temperatures around 0°C and neither do they want to change their lives. "We are from Rostock in the north of Germany and the Baltic water can reach 0,5° in the winter. The air is even colder than that. But it is not about the cold. It is more about the journey, the fight and the feeling, when you are rewarded after a long search", Dan says. Due to technical innovation it is no longer unbearable to jump into frigid water. 6,5 mm of the newest generation neoprene keeps you warm enough to resist the cold for hours. Felix Gänsicke (24) originally founded "Binsurfen". While studying psychology in Hamburg, he is also a  filmmaker and photographer. The latest Binsurfen project "Headache" - the first German cold water surf movie - is his masterpiece so far and will be screened internationally in countries such as USA, Spain, France, Denmark, England, Bali, etc.

Dan Petermann (27) is a freelance graphic designer based in Rostock. "I need to be self-determined, otherwise I could never pursue my needs for being surrounded by water." His passion for graphics and photography is clearly inspired by the ocean and the surfing community. Lucas Günther (24) studies graphic design and is always aiming for innovation concerning his graphical abilities. Without his dedication it would not have been possible to create a book to come along with the "Headache" DVD. 192 pages of pure cold water surfing! Phil Biewald (24) is the physician of the group. Studying medicine he has probably chosen the hardest career out of the four of them. But his love for cold water surfing and his passion for exploring open all boundaries to freedom and happiness. 

Surfing in Northern Europe can be a "Headache." Literally. When the Binsurfen crew traveled to Iceland, Scotland, Denmark and in Germany with a hand full of other German surfers they knew they would only find adversities. They are proud of what they considers to be "the first German cold water surf movie." "We've lived long months and endless hours on ships and roads. Heavy rain, storm forecasts, icy water temperatures and colder air were with us all the time," Cold water surfers know the feeling of that ice cream headache that you get when duck diving for your first winter session.

One of the most special moments in travelling Denmark.
We have never found such perfection again in Thy.


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