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Autumn / Winter 2015

July 01, 2015

It’s blustering and beautiful walking towards the ocean, passing the high rushes in the dunes on the west coast of Denmark. The sea is rougher here than in other parts of Denmark, making these beaches the perfect surroundings for exploring old bunkers and looking for treasures on the beach. The view is dramatic when reaching one of the most westerly points of Denmark, Blåvandshuk – this spot captures wild nature and coastal heritage when combing more than twenty lighthouses a long the coast with the waves from the wild ocean. This is where the ocean meets the sand and the sky meets the water - this is from where Autumn / Winter 2015 collection is inspired.

With the extension to the sophisticated and casual colors of grey and sand, comes the new soil color. A dusty taupe grey-brown color, with a complete mat surface with a unique exclusive look. The Autumn / Winter 2015 collection is characterized by the soil color in combination with the classic navy blue color in both the Long Jacket and the Anorak, as well as a solid color in most of the classic styles. Two new significant bag styles have been added to the AW15 collection: The Tote Bag, and the Day Bag containing new details in both design and technical solutions. The Tote Bag is a feminine interpretation of our classic Bag style, and the Day Bag is a sporty and fresh alternative to our Backpack style, completing the understated expression of the Autumn / Winter 2015.

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