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April 16, 2015

Marts 2014 - It was just an ordinary Wednesday afternoon - The Danish stylist, Maria Barfod, passed her way by the RAINS showroom for a visit. She was just in the area and needed some products for her next editorial shoot with one of the classic Danish magazines. We sat down to have a chat over a cup of coffee and Maria started sharing some interesting news about one of her new connections. This is the story about a stylist meeting one of her all time big heroes.

Story: Maria Barfod
Photographer: Eddie Chacon
I believe that things happen for a reason, but you have to keep your antennas out and about. Maybe that’s not a reason but just an open mind. In Denmark, we tend to look down instead of looking up, smiling to the person walking by you - just because. It is a nice gesture to acknowledge the person next to you and hey, maybe it is even going to change your life? This is a little anecdote about just that. A story about a girl who met her idol, changed carrier and changed his too.

This all happened about 3 years ago. My husband and I had just arrived in Los Angeles a few days before. We were going to stay there for 6 months, trying to feel and breathe the city we both wanted to live in. We had been there many times before in small periods of time so this time was much different. We rented a flat in a duplex. It was totally empty with bright blue, yellow and red walls and an amazing porch overlooking downtown L.A.. We filled the house with old furniture borrowed from friends and other very cheap stuff. All kitchen supplies were bought at the 99-cent store - you know the kind of store that has everything you don’t need for at reasonable price of 99 cent. Kind of confused, jet lagged and also pretty much on top of the world, we went by that exact store to fill up the kitchen with a lot of plastic in bright colors and things that would probably break very soon. I was squatting in front of the cook wear and this beautiful woman calls my name.

I don’t really think I looked up at first. Me, I was still in a jet lagged dream-kind-of-state, but she keept standing there. I glance at her. She WAS talking to me. Very confused I asked where she knew my name from. She tells me that she had seen my picture on a Danish blog. I stand up and we start to chat. She was one of these girls you want to be best friends with right away. She asks about me, what I am doing in L.A., and she introduces me to her husband she had brought along. What I didn’t know at the time, was that I would never see her alone again, because her husband was always by her side. Their love was strong and they were inseparable. He, a handsome silver fox with a distinctive smile, tells me he is in the music business, then I call my husband to introduce them to each other, because he also is in the music business.
We had a warm chat and in the end the woman hands me her card and ask if we should all have coffee. As a Dane, meeting 2 complete strangers, this is kind of weird. Not that we didn’t want to, but still weird, as we in the cold North would rarely ask a stranger to go for coffee, afraid of having them thinking you were a freak of some sort. We got settled in our duplex and a few weeks after, I wrote an email to the women I couldn’t get out of my head and we made plans to meet up. A coffee became soup and wine with a looooooong chat about all and nothing. The 4 of us was really enjoying each other’s company.
This is such a tra la la story, I know, but this is just until, for me, the crucial moment where Eddie (read: Eddie Chacon) tells us about his music career. He was like: “So I had a big hit in the 90´s. It goes, “would I lie to you baby, would I lie to you OH YEAH”. I totally froze and went tomato red in my face. I had just spend hours in the company of one of the guys from Charles and Eddie without knowing it and didn’t really know how NOT to be embarrassed by my reaction. I kind of shouted, “that is me and my mom’s favorite song - Oh My God!!!”. Luckily, Eddie is kind of used to that stupid behavior and we kept being friends. We actually developed a career together. He, busy with photography, and me with styling, and together we have been doing amazing work for magazines internationally. I started the fire in him to develop his skills and vice versa. The action in this story is not like a movie with Bruce Willis, I know, but for him and me a career-changing-little-fairy-tale and a lesson (stupid word) on how we should all look up, look people in the eyes and maybe, just maybe, this person can change your life 4 ever.

By Maria Barfod

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