March 18, 2014

Kapok was founded in 2006 - It all began as a lifestyle shop located on a quiet backstreet of Hong Kong.
Kapok’s mission is to present a variety of lifestyle products sourced internationally, with a focus on quality and creativity.
A frenchman called Arnault Castel first founded kapok in 2006; with a goal to discover and bring to asia the “future classics”, kapok has grown from a lifestyle shop to an internationally renowned brand for its< authentic yet approachable take on fashion and design.

Kapok took it's name from the majestic emergent tree. The Kapok trees grow tall in their ecosystem, branching out to provide a home for plants and animals dependent on nourishment and exposure.
Kapok on Sun Street was established in 2010 and i wellknown for lifestyle and culture, with the addition of a cafe and a gallery art space.