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Rains Journal Issue Seven - Dome of Visions

May 02, 2016

A Place of Flourishing Ideas

Words: Sylvester Dunvad
Photos: Jonathan Kronborg Grevsen & Søren Aagaard

In 2013 the native residents of Denmark’s next biggest city, Aarhus, were in for a surprise, when all of a sudden the newly renovated harbour-side was decorated with a kind of igloo-looking building. A curious construction looking mostly like half a ball, that continues underground. A construction that would be the perfect headquarter for a supervillain on the look for something fear striking, but at the same time, cozy. That building would be known as “The Dome of Visions”, and as the locals of Aarhus would soon come to know, the building represented more an idea than anything else. Soon after its pacey construction, people were invited to different events inside the dome. Debates, conceptual theatre and cultural workshops were all hosted inside the spherical walls – all with the same end goal of discussing and pinpointing how we, as humans, are present and deal in relation to each other. But, “How we, as humans, are present and deal in relation to each other” – that statement can sound a bit vague. A bit undefined. But that is because it is supposed to. The Dome of Visions does not succumb to any kind of limits, nor physical or physiological. Any kind of idea, any kind of creative thought is allowed to breathe and live inside the transparent walls.

Something that is almost symbolized in the domes resemblance with a greenhouse. The Dome of Visions is supposed to be a platform for any kind of blossoming artist, public speaker or brave futurist in need of a ground to stand on. The idea behind the dome came from the famous American architect and futurist, Buckminster Fuller, who dedicated his life to studying the art of minimal constructions and perfecting his dome-designs. At first, the design was utilized by the American Marines, because they were able to put together a dome in no less than 136 minutes. Nowadays the construction time is around 14 days, but that is still fast for a construction of its size, and therefore essential to the concept behind Dome of Visions. The ease of construction allows for the dome to be torn down one place, and quickly built up again in another. That way, you allow for creative thinking and exploration of unexploited spaces in all kinds of cities. The Dome of Visions has, as of now, not been outside the borders of Denmark. But with that being said, the team behind are working hard on expanding the concept to other parts of the world. After all, Denmark is not the only place in the, where human relations play a big part of everyday life. Expect a “Dome of Visions 2.0” in Stockholm within this year. The Dome of Visions is undoubtedly an interesting project. So is the journey towards a more transparent, sustainable and brighter future. Let us hope, that the ideas regarding that future will be born inside this dome. 

Dome of Visions are moving from Copenhagen, to Sverigesgade, Pier 2, Aarhus, Denmark and will be ready by the end of August 2016.

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